What is Baptism?

Baptism comes from the Latin word baptizo which means to submerge or immerse. Biblical baptism as identified in the gospel of Matthew was done to Jesus by John the Baptist and the Holy Spirit descended like a dove onto Jesus. The process that takes place today is where after a new convert has accepted Christ as their Lord and savior, they are taken to a body of water or baptismal pool and are lowered into the water as if laying down and are completing submerged in it. The presiding minister or pastor lifts them back up out of the water.

This is an outward expression of faith represented of the change that has happened on the inside and is not required for salvation, but rather a sign that they have already been saved. This is also one of the first acts of obedience as a new believer as commanded by Jesus in Matthew 28.

Why Get Baptized?

Baptism is a symbolic gesture of repentance and dying of our old ways as well as the raising up from death as a new creation in Christ. This is a public declaration of your faith that happens in front of the congregation, family members, and visitors. This is a way to say to the world that you are now a follower of Christ. Jesus did it and is also asking you to do it as well.

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