NCOM Women


NCOM Women

Mission Statement

To develop spiritual growth and transformation through studying and applying God’s word as well as sharing our faith and serving one another. 


Through scripture, the Women’s Ministry provides teaching, exhortation, inspiration and discipleship training to women ages 18 and older. Our bible studies are designed to promote spiritual growth, help women develop a person relationship with God and a loving relationship with one another.

In 2016, we are launching our Sister’s Keepers mentoring/discipleship program.

The purpose of Sister’s Keepers is the following:

  • Be a mature Christian example to your sister
  • Teach your sister how to develop genuine relationships with other women
  • Share spiritual insight and experiences with your sister that glorify’s God
  • Love your sister unconditionally, and teach her how to do the same.

 Leader's Information

 Minister Helecia Thomas

Women's Ministry Facilitator


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